Video Marketing OnBoarding


Now that you're a part of the family... Welcome to our Video Marketing OnBoarding program!

We do have a few things we need you to do right away!

  1. Fill out our form - this gives us information to begin our process!  You will need to pick a time for your account rep to call you so make sure you give us a number that we can reach you!!!
  2. Pick a date on the booking calendar on this page to talk to your account representative.   Please schedule a date and time within the next 24 to 48 hours from now!

Be prepared and ready with your social media logins!  

We have changed the process for sending to your 3rd party email list.  We now will provide you with the text and video link to send out.  We believe your list is important for YOU to learn to manage and use more often.  Getting you used to doing this sets you up for success!



Schedule Monthly Call

Use the form below to schedule your ongoing monthly call with your account representative!

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