The Two Best Kinds of Cases to Treat with Functional Rehab.

I’m Dr. Derek Myers at Kinect Rehab and today I want to talk about my two favorite types of cases that I love to treat!

One first and foremost is that I love the head-scratchers.

I love the ones that haven’t responded well to other therapies. Patients that have gone through other options whether it’s physical therapy, medical, whatever, and they just haven’t gotten the results that they’re looking for. I love those cases. They are probably my highest success rate!

The other cases that I love are the skeptics.

I absolutely love skeptics. They have been historically my best patients and my most successful patients. I want patients to ask questions. I want you to know about your condition. I want you to have reservations about what we’re doing, make sure we’re doing the right thing, and that you’re giving me honest feedback. If you’re not giving me honest feedback, we’re probably not making the right kind of progress that we need to.

“The skeptics are the best patients! They remind me to tell people to be objective about their healthcare, be involved in what’s going on, and understand their condition.”

I love the patient education aspect of it and I love helping everybody. If you have questions about what we’re doing over here with the modalities that we use or the tools that we have, please feel free to call us up. Even if just to get a consult to find out if this is the right thing for you. Our number is (740)462-8604. We’re at Kinect Rehab to help you start feeling better and moving better!

Derek Myers (8)

I'm Dr. Derek Myers of Kinect Rehab's Revive Center. We are a center that allows daily access to revitalize the body from stress, exercise soreness, muscle and joint inflammation, movement restrictions with clinical-grade equipment at your convenience.

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