How to Better Protect Yourself from COVID-19 Using Lifestyle Changes!

Hello, this is Dr Derek Myers at Kinect Rehab in Heath. I want to talk to you today about protective measures for the Coronavirus.

We’re hearing a lot of stuff about wearing masks and social distancing in this thing. Please hear me out, I’m not nay-saying any of that stuff, but what I am talking about is protecting yourself on a much stronger, healthier metabolic level.

There was a study I came across that showed vitamin D levels in patients who had positive tests. They were positive for the Coronavirus, and they were under a physician’s care. There were mild cases with no pneumonia. Ordinary with pneumonia but mild symptoms. Then there were severe that were hospitalized but not intubated. Then some critical patients were intubated. These four groups here, had the average vitamin D level start with the mild group at 31 to 27 to 21 to 17.

So, the critical patients had a vitamin D level of almost half of what the people who had mild symptoms and were positive for the disease had in this study. They did a good job of breaking up age and whatnot of the people that they were testing. Not shocking to me, not shocking to most natural health care providers, but it may be shocking to a lot of people.

Vitamin D has a very powerful influence on your immune system as does vitamin A. The beta carotene form of vitamin A is a fantastic form of vitamin A to fight infections. As for vitamin C, we’re hearing now about people in different parts of the country doing high doses of vitamin C intravenously to help their bodies fight the Coronavirus. These are known facts. This isn’t something people have just recently come across.

They’ve been around for a while, but to have some hard data that shows that there may be a correlation to metabolically being healthy and your body’s ability to fight infection.

There’s another study that just came out too. The University of Virginia showed a correlation to exercise and lung health with the Coronavirus. Again a good diet and exercise! It’s really easy when we’re locked up in our homes to start shoving down cookies, sugar, and everything else. I see all the memes, and all the jokes about it. They’re kind of funny, but on the back end, when we kind of come back to normalcy, we’re borrowing a lot of trouble. Metabolically we’re putting ourselves at a lot of other risks. Not just at risk for health issues, but the risk for further infections.

If you have questions about that, please reach out to us. But again, I’m a big proponent of vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin C, supplementing, getting some exercise, getting some good natural vitamin D out in the sunlight. Sunlight activates vitamin D in your skin,  and that’s where you get a lot of vitamin D from. I’m encouraging you to take a look moving forward, making informed decisions about going back to work, going back to exercise, and going back to everything. Do it smartly, and please look at your metabolic, it’s an important part of your everyday function.

When you talk about protection and we’re talking about PPE, right? All the PPE from a natural healthcare provider standpoint, is also inclusive of appropriate supplementation and lifestyle.

If you have any questions, please reach out to us. I wanted to share that study with you. We have those available if you would like copies of any of those or links to any of those, please reach out to us. I’m happy to give those to you, and share those as much as I possibly can. Have a blessed week! I hope to hear from you soon. 

Derek Myers

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