Have You Been Exposed Unknowingly to COVID-19? This is the Best Way to Find Out!

Hello, this is Dr Derek Myers. I’m at Kinect Rehab in Heath, and we’re going to talk to you about antibody testing today!

Antibody testing is a wonderful test to find out if you’ve had this COVID-19 and gotten through it.

I’ve talked to hundreds of people since this all has started. They have told me story after story about how they were sick, and the timing was right. They were sick for two to four weeks, and they never got tested for the Coronavirus. In other words, they don’t know if they had it or not. This is a test that you take after you’re sick to find out if your body has built natural immunity to whatever that infectious agent was.

Antibody testing is nothing new. It’s been around for decades. They use it to test autoimmune disease. They’ve used it to test other infectious diseases over the years. You talk about lupus or rheumatoid arthritis, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis is an antibody test, so antibody testing is nothing new.

This test is very effective. It’s a test from Vibrant America, a fantastic company. They have top of the line blood testing, and they’ve been around for a while. I feel very comfortable with this test. This specific test is being used by some very well respected physicians all across the country. Which includes those I’ve talked to in Houston, California, and Florida. It’s an excellent test, and antibody testing is great.

So the question is why is antibody testing important? Why should I get it? Why should I have it?

Well, if any of you are my patients, you know, that I’m huge on patient education, I’m huge on making sure that you all know what’s going on in your body so you can make informed decisions. This is nothing different. It’s getting information about your situation as it pertains to this pandemic so that you can make decisions moving forward.

We’re opening the country back up. It’s happening. And I’m not here to take sides on one way or the other, but I’m here to tell you it’s going to happen.

Businesses are going to start opening back up. People are going back to the gyms, their hairstylists, going be going back to school, and things are going to happen. You should be making informed decisions. It would be nice to know if you have built natural immunity, and that’s what this is. If you have antibodies, your body’s already beat it once. Now it’s stronger and more efficient at whooping whatever it was that you got infected with the first time. If you’ve built those antibodies and you have a stronger natural immunity. Maybe it’s a little safer for you to go back into a work environment where you’re around a lot of people, maybe it’s safer for you to get back into the gym, or getting back to life normally knowing that you’ve built some natural immunity but ultimately making informed decisions.

What precautions should you be taking? Should you be wearing a mask? Should you be taking supplementation?

I feel everybody should be taking supplementation to protect their bodies metabolically. There are specific supplements that I’m going to go over in a later video about how to protect yourself from this. That’s one thing nobody’s talking about.

This is a, if you’re healthy, your risk factors are a lot less. If your antibodies are strong and you have built a good natural immunity to this, your risk factors are less. Also, it doesn’t make you bulletproof, but it does make you stronger and more able to beat any exposure that you would have down the line from the COVID-19. If you want to have your blood tested, or if you’d like to have your antibodies tested, then just call us. You don’t have to be a patient.

Just pick up the phone and call us at (740)468-8604. We’re right here on 79 in Heath. Again, you don’t have to be a patient! You can just call and get it. If you have questions, we can provide you with information, documentation, some of the scientific literature, and data on this as well. We’re doing this on Wednesday afternoons, so we’re not holding this during office hours. This is a very specific time that we have set aside. We’ve set specific guidelines and parameters for the testing individuals who want to be first come first serve. We do have plenty of tests and we’re not going to run out of tests. If you have any questions or want to know more specifics about the test, the quality of the product, and the quality of testing, we are happy to give you that information.

Please do your homework. There are tests like this being done all over the country in California, in Santa Clara County and New York.

There are some very interesting tests about how many people have actually had this, have been exposed, and built natural immunity to it. Of course, that’s going to affect a lot of the rates and the numbers. These are questions we need to start asking now that we’re trying to get back into some area of normalcy. This is good for that. It’s good for you to have that peace of mind if you suspect that you may have been exposed, please give us a call! I hope you have a blessed week.

Derek Myers

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