We’re Doing Our Best to Ensure Your Safety and Ours During COVID-19.

Hey, good afternoon! This is Andrew Guanciale with the Guanciale Group at Coldwell Banker King Thompson. In this episode, we are going to talk about today’s market. 

Over the past three weeks and the past month, things have changed a lot. I am coming to you from my house. I am coming to you from what we call the cabin. It’s attached to my house, so I’m not sitting in a bar. This is home, and this is the quietest spot in my house right now.

Both Jill and I have been working from home for the past month, and it’s different. Especially doing first-grade schoolwork at the same time with Luke. I’ve been getting a lot of questions over last month on real estate, and how COVID-19 has changed that for the real estate market in Licking County.

I honestly have to say three weeks ago I thought it was falling apart.

I had deals falling apart based on people’s employment, people being furloughed at work, people’s credit score, and then just people being nervous. Which is all completely understandable. For several of those people, I felt really bad. The week after that, I spent time putting those homes back in contract, and the ball kept rolling. We’ve been very fortunate to have sellers that wanted to put their home on the market.

A lot of those homes have been vacant, which makes it a little easier for buyers that wanted to view them. The listings we have put on the market have staggered showings, so they are on the hour instead of multiple people being there at the same time. Everybody’s being careful.

We’re wearing our masks.

The CEO of our company, Ryan Gorman, told everybody if you’re out and you’re conducting real estate, you have to wear a mask no matter where you’re at. Which is great because we’re doing that anyway, and we’ve taken all the precautions. It’s just different, and it’s okay because we have adapted to it. We will continue to adapt to it.

Every day it’s changing. A lot of our systems have been in place already with regards to electronic signatures, remote closings, and one party only being at the closing instead of a round table. These are the things we’ve been doing already. We’ve been implementing new practices into our old practices, and we’re in good shape!

If we’re in good shape, then that means our customers are in good shape. That makes me happy. We’ll chat soon. In the meantime, stay safe and stay healthy. Thank goodness for good family and good friends!

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Hi, I am Andrew Guanciale and of the Guanciale Group and our goal is simple, to deliver a positive experience to each and every client in helping with their sale or their search for a lifestyle in Licking County. As a group, we strive to deliver a true one-stop-shop experience for home buyers and sellers: professional coordination of the home search, expert marketing, negotiation of the sale and details of the closing. Our brokerage, Coldwell Banker King Thompson has always led the way in emerging real estate technologies and we are proud to call it home.

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