The Best Way To Communicate With People During This Pandemic.

The reason we’ve created this video blog is to get used to being in front of the camera. Being on video is not comfortable for anybody. For some people it is, some people it isn’t, but we have a lot of restrictions in the last 72 hours to the last week with regards to all our businesses. Whether we’ve been deemed essential or not I think this is a way to answer a lot of questions. It’s a way to communicate with the people of Licking County with regards to what’s going on in the real estate industry, whether it’s with regards to title services or banks or mortgage services and even down to our county administrators when it comes to the recorder’s office or the auditor’s office. 

What discussions are we having? What do we think is going to happen?

I’ve really spent the last several days and last week kind of keeping up on what all these industries are doing because it affects my customers at the end of the day and affects all your customers. I think this is a great way to try to put some things out there. Over the last several days, I’ve been answering a lot of phone calls. Whether it’s from customers, a lot of past customers, or just friends in the real estate industry. Again, whether it’s in lending or in title services, we’re interested in what everybody is seeing on a daily basis.

Things have been changing on a daily basis, every day at 2:00 PM when we hear from Governor DeWine we kind of wonder what we’re going to hear today. It’s been very interesting. And I tell ya, over the past several days, I’ve communicated more with customers, past customers, and friends than I have in the last several months. We’re all trying to see the good in all of this. The main reason to do this video blog is to communicate and get better at communicating and try to be a resource to customers, past customers, friends, anybody who wants to listen. So we’ll get there together!

Andrew Guanciale (4)

Hi, I am Andrew Guanciale and of the Guanciale Group and our goal is simple, to deliver a positive experience to each and every client in helping with their sale or their search for a lifestyle in Licking County. As a group, we strive to deliver a true one-stop-shop experience for home buyers and sellers: professional coordination of the home search, expert marketing, negotiation of the sale and details of the closing. Our brokerage, Coldwell Banker King Thompson has always led the way in emerging real estate technologies and we are proud to call it home.

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