An Interview with Someone Special!

Hey, good afternoon! This is Andrew Guanciale of the Guanciale Group at Coldwell Banker King Thompson. In this episode, we’re having a conversation with a seven-year-old!

So in this interview, I’ve got my seven-year-old son Luke Guanciale in his cool shades. And for a long time, I have wanted to do an interview. There are several people in town that I think are just fantastic, and I thought it’d be fun to do an off the cuff interview. I’ve never done it!

I was trying to think of a topic for this video for My Video Blog, and I thought what better person to interview than one of the people that mean the most to me, Luke. So, let’s kinda just talk about some fun things.

You’ve been stuck at home with mom and dad for about two months now. No school except for what we’re doing here. What do you miss most about being in isolation and being quarantined at home with your mom and dad?

The thing I miss the most is all the Fridays at school. The lunch, recess, and my classroom.

I would miss that too! That’s kind of like your mom and I not being at work. Right? We miss those things about our work around being around people. So you, your mom and I, we’ve kind of been the three Amigos. Right? That’s, we’ve always said that. But we, for the last two months we’ve really been the three Amigos, haven’t we? A lot of time together.

Since we’re all three home together, what have you enjoyed about your mom working from home? Me working from home more? You doing school from home? What’s been fun?

Um, the fun thing is I’ve been working with you two and hugging you if you kind of get angry!

That’s a good one. And we need those hugs, don’t we? We all need hugs. That’s fantastic! If there’s one thing you can do, the restaurants open soon, do you know that?

Not until May 29th!

Well we go out to eat a lot because it’s just three of us and it’s easier don’t think. We love food!

So when restaurants open, where’s the first place you can’t wait to go grab something to eat?

It might be, Hmm, I’m gonna go for Sonic!

Sonic!? We’ve never eaten at Sonic.

Well, me and Pat did!

And, and the best thing is we sit until people come out and grab our food and then we can eat in the car.

Well, that’s cool. Hopefully, this will be the first of a second interview with somebody that we think special! I think you’re special. You know that, don’t you? Yeah. You just want to go back out in the yard play now, don’t you? Yeah. Thank you for doing this with me! Love you.

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