Why Do Your HD Videos Look Terrible On Facebook?

Are you an HD snob?  I am!  I hate watching videos that aren't in HD.  Even worse is when my videos to my video blog, that I shot in HD, aren't in HD!  Aaargh!!!

Easy fix.  I'm going to show you exactly how to set your Facebook settings to make sure you are loading your videos in high definition as well as actually seeing other videos in HD.



I had a question from a Facebook friend today and I wanted to answer on video because I think there's probably a lot of people out there that are trying to upload videos and they're not in HD and you wanted to know why his videos on Facebook weren't in HD. So you know you're doing, you're using video cameras and iPhones and all these coming HD up to four K if you want it. And if you want it in HD, you want people to see it in HD. I can remember being an HD snob, like he kind of said he was back 15 years ago when I got my first HDTV. I can remember plugging that thing in, standing in front of it and just being in awe about how clear it was. And I'm the only time I'm like that now is when I put on my daughter's glasses because that's the only time I can see clear again.

But that is, it goes along with when you put it in HD and you load it up, you want people to see it in HD. And especially if you were the one that recorded it, you want to make sure it's an HD. So there's a few things on Facebook. There's a couple of settings that you might need that would help figure out whether they're loaded in HD or you're seeing him in HD. So I am first going to go to my iPhone and you are not going to be able to see me click around on here. But on your phone, iPhone, Android, the app is pretty much the same. The three little lines down in the right bottom corner, the hamburger menu, you click on that, you're going to go down and click settings and privacy and then click on your settings in there are a whole bunch of settings are going to go all the way down to media and contacts and you're going to click on videos and photos and here are two settings.

Your upload in HD for your video and your photo. If those are not turned on, turn those on because usually by default they're not. These companies use tons of data and they like showing things in HD, but they also like limiting people like us that don't know how to do this. So turn those on. That should make it available to you to be in HD. So if you're playing a video and it's not an HD, if you're on your phone, you can go to the little, let me just go right here. Like this one, it doesn't show there's nowhere. It's just playing the video and if you turn the sound on, you can hear it. But if it's not an HD, if you click on the video at one time, down here in the body, there's where you can choose. See it's on automatic. Right now it's only delivering me six 40 there. They limit you when you aren't looking. So you click 10 80 and then it'll show in Jenny. That's how you do it on the phone on the desktop, it's kind of similar but a little bit different. So when you're on your Facebook up here on the top right, this time is a little triangle. Click on that triangle. You want to go down the bottom and click on settings here.

Now on the bottom left, you're going to go down to videos, click on videos, and there's only one setting and it's HD if available. The default video quality. So from there, if HD is available, Facebook will probably show it to you. In HD, there's no option to choose whether you're uploading an HD. I think on desktop it's automatic. If it's HD, they do compress it. Sometimes at the beginning it looks terrible, then it gets better. It's free. So what are you gonna do if you're watching a video? Like I loaded this video up here, and as you notice, it already tells me it's an HD. I click on it. It's only delivering seven 20 HD when it's actually available in 10 80. So you might have to go in and actually choose it, enable the HD to show at full HD. Sometimes it's 4k, but 10 80 is usually enough.

720p on a computer or a phone actually looks pretty darn good. But for this guy, you're a HD snob. I completely understand. So hopefully that helped. Hopefully you can figure out how to get better quality and your HD. If you want to learn more. We have a lots of free courses on the Cherubini University. Go to cherubiniuniversity.com we have some paid courses where we teach a lot of things like how to start and grow a new business. If that is of interest of you to you. Go to that and check it out. If not, I answer questions like this all the time. Put 'em on video and I'd like to answer some more. So if you have any questions, put your comments down below. Go to our video blog and subscribe so you get noticed notified of all these all the time. So every video that we make, we're going to let you know about it so you can learn some stuff. Hopefully get better video, hopefully grow your business, maybe even start a new one so you get that side hustle going. If you have any questions, just hit me below. I'm Pat Cherubini with the chair, beanie company and Cherubini University and I hope you have a great night. Thanks.

Pat Cherubini

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