We Started a Video Blog to Answer Your Questions!

Hi everyone. It’s Angie Cherubini again. I thought I would come to you and tell you in this video exactly why we decided to start doing these marketing videos. 

People might think we’re kind of crazy….

Over 21 years, we have had so many people ask us so many questions. A lot of times really difficult ones, and a lot of times really easy questions on things that to us seem like people shouldn’t be asking them. We think, why don’t they know this? It’s probably the same way you think in your own business. When people ask you questions, and it’s something that’s common knowledge to you, but other people don’t know. It’s those types of questions that people have that are out there and need to be answered! We’ve gotten them over and over again on a lot of topics.

So, that’s what we want to do!

We want to come to you with answers to questions or problems you may have. Maybe there’s something that you’re thinking about doing, or maybe there’s something that you’re thinking about buying because you’re going into the same type of business as us. Maybe you’re trying to get a type of software and figure out how it works for your computer. 

When it comes to designing all these kinds of little questions, we’re going to answer them in these marketing videos for you. We hope these videos help you. If you have any questions over the time of when you watch this or throughout the month, don’t hesitate to send us an email or send us a text. You can also send us a message on Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn. We look forward to having you watch our videos and read the information below. Pass this on to somebody else that you think may want to do the same. Get them signed up on our list! We will talk to you soon!

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