We’re Still Here For You to Bring You the Best At Home Work Experience during COVID-19!

Hey there everyone, this is Shawn from Advanced Business Communications. I just wanted to get with you and let you know that we hope everybody is staying safe and feeling okay. Also we wanted to let you know where ABC stood with this kind of semi locked down in terms of how we can provide service and support to you as a customer! We are still open and basically there’s still two options for us to be able to meet your needs. Option 1 is to call the office at any time (740)328-4037 and then just press option two, that’ll get you to someone like Laurie, myself, or anybody who’s on call and we can help assist you with questions. You might have to get a tech out to you if it’s possible. Option 2 is that you can shoot us an email to [email protected] with any questions or concerns you may have!

With all that being said, we’re functioning in the office on limited staff.

We’re just trying to stay out of the office but we still have techs who are on call who can support and service your needs. If it’s an emergency, that’s no problem at all just call us! I’ll be sending some more info here later this week to let you know about some other things. I know a lot of people have questions about working remotely, from home, or another place and how that works with your computer and your office computer. Again, we’re still here and I’ll be addressing those types of questions some time later this week! We’ll help out in any way we can just on a little bit of a limited basis. You all stay safe and be on the lookout for more info. I’ll talk to you all later!

Shawn Shumaker (9)

I'm Shawn Shumaker of Advanced Business Communications. We are a local commercial security, fire alarm, and telephone system.

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