A Simple Thank You To The Medical Field, Essential Workers, and Employees of ABC.

Hi there, It’s Shawn from ABC. I just want to take a couple of minutes and say thank you.

Thank you to everybody in the medical field. Our first responders and our essential employees who have to go to work. Also everybody who’s staying at home.

Thank you for playing your part in doing what you need to do to hopefully get this pandemic out of the way. Now we can all continue to be safe and go back to normalcy as best as we can.

I wanted to take another minute or so and just say thanks to the employees at Advanced Business Communications.

Our techs, Matt, Eric, and Justin. They’re not working every day, but when they are, they’re out in the middle of it all. I just want to say thanks to them for their dedication and their hard work and doing what they can in a safe manner.

To Mike, our IT manager. A lot of the stuff he can do remotely from home, but there are times he needs to go out to a customer site or to the office. He’s doing his best as what he can do at home, and we appreciate all the time and effort he’s putting in.

Then to Laurie, our office manager. She’s a godsend to ABC. She’s keeping track and up to date on the do’s and the don’ts. Laurie is doing all of this by the regulations and restrictions. Whether it’s through the federal government or through the state level. She’s keeping ABC on top of everything. Also she’s making sure that we have our applications in and is readily available for any funding that might be available to us. She’s done a lot of hard work and a lot of behind the scenes things for ABC that is definitely not taken for granted.

Last but not least, I want to say thanks to Larry, our president. He’s kind of been at the office when nobody else can be. He’ll answer phones, he’ll check in some material, and go out on some service calls. He’s sort of been the face of ABC for the last couple of weeks. It’s been nice because it’s allowing us, employees, to stay home and work. I want to thank Larry for allowing us to be able to stay home and not mandating us to come into work.

Thanks to everybody and we’ll get through this. I’ll be in touch in another week or so!

Shawn Shumaker (9)

I'm Shawn Shumaker of Advanced Business Communications. We are a local commercial security, fire alarm, and telephone system.

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