Connect With Your Customers Through Video.

We Make Them Worth Watching and Sharing!

We build a branded site to showcase your videos.

We optimize and post the videos to social media platforms, an email list and your video blog site.

We coach you on how to reach more people!

"It's not just who you know, it's who knows you"!

Have you tried it all?

Do you feel like you have tried every marketing gimmick out there and nothing is connecting with your current or future audience?  Are you stuck in the "we have always done it this way" style of marketing?  Are you stuck just wondering what to do?

Yep...we hear that all the time.

You do what's comfortable, what everyone did before you.  Sometimes that means you are doing very little.

Honestly, how is that working?


Did you know that video traffic will be 82% off all traffic both business and consumer by 2022? - Cisco

Getting you and your brand out and in front visually and through voice should become second nature to you.  Are you taking the steps to move your brand in that direction?

Video Marketing [Secret Sauce]

create a relationship with customers

Marketing is about relationships plain and simple.
Finding ways to harness those relationships and nurture them is the next step and we can help you!

Give us 15 minutes and we will do the rest!

Each month we set aside time for a call with you to help strategize, answer any questions, and make sure your videos are uploaded.  We become your accountability coach!

We then take the video and work our magic!  We edit, optimize, and brand it before we promote it.

  • We build your Vlog (video blog)

  • We create an email database if you don't have one.

  • We match your brand on social media

  • We edit and brand up to 4 videos

  • We post your video on YouTube, Facebook and LinkedIn

  • We optimize everything for search engines

  • We write the blogs that go with the videos

  • We email your videos to your database

  • the list goes on...

The best marketing is word of mouth marketing.  Word of mouth is almost entirely online now.  This is how you scale it!

We can show you the way.

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